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  1. Kumpulan Wang Persaraan (Diperbadankan), its respective wholly-owned subsidiaries (which will include but not limited to, KWEST Sdn Bhd) and special purpose entities (collectively “KWAP”, “we”, “us” or “our”) will process your personal data for purposes of your use of the MyPesara mobile application (“MyPesara App”) and the services provided therein. Your personal data will be obtained from:
    • the forms and supporting documents that you had filled / submitted, have to or may be required to fill / submit;
    • you when you create and/or log into your account on the MyPesara App, including when you choose to connect your account with an external third-party service application;
    • your interaction and communication with KWAP through various methods including emails, social media and letters, telephone calls and conversations you have with KWAP’s personnel and/or our authorised agents, whether via the MyPesara App or otherwise;
    • your participation in any contests and/or events organised by us; and/or
    • the public domain and third parties such as statutory bodies, or government agencies and/or service providers.
  1. Your personal data that could be collected and processed includes but is not limited to the following:
    • your identity and background (including your name, NRIC / passport numbers or copies thereof, occupation, designation, place of work or study, date of birth, age, gender, race, religion, nationality, academic information, information regarding social media, user identification (ID) and account, photograph, and medical information)
    • your pension information (including your pension number, year of retirement, last wages);
    • your contact information (including your telephone number, email, mailing addresses and fax number);
    • information of your family or next-of-kin (including their name, relationship with you, their NRIC / passport numbers or copies thereof, age, gender, date of birth and occupation);
    • your emergency contact information (including their name, relationship with you and NRIC / passport numbers or copies thereof);
    • information generated from your use of the MyPesara App on your device, including information obtained from unique identifiers such as location data, your IP address, the time and date you visit the MyPesara App and other relevant information;
    • your professional qualifications and/or experience, job title and/or employer;
    • your financial details (including banking details); and/or
    • any other personal data that you provide to us for the purpose of a commercial transaction or in connection with a business relationship between you and KWAP.
  1. By accessing and using the MyPesara App and/or communicating and interacting with KWAP, you consent to KWAP processing your personal data in accordance with this Personal Data Protection Notice (“Notice”).
  2. Where applicable, we will process your personal data and information for the following purposes:
    • to facilitate your use of and access to the MyPesara App, including to facilitate logging into your account and to process transactions at your request;
    • to analyse your usage of the MyPesara App and other trends for profiling of MyPesara App users and to provide suitable content or features catering to your preferences and needs;
    • to increase the MyPesara App’s functionality and user friendliness, including to send you confirmations, updates, security alerts, additional information about the MyPesara App and support and administrative messages;
    • to request feedback and to otherwise contact you about your use of the MyPesara App, including responding to any queries and complaints as well as for emergencies;
    • to process your registration and participation in respect of any contests, events and/or surveys organised by KWAP;
    • for the purposes of being featured in official publications to be published on the MyPesara app, our website, social media platforms and internal portals, including but not limited to KWAP annual report publications and announcements, or external publications including news portals and media outlets;
    • for the purposes of compliance, audit and risk assessments;
    • for administrative and operational purposes;
    • to report and investigate complaints and prevent suspicious transactions, prohibited activities and other illegal activities including but not limited to fraud, bribery and money laundering;
    • to protect and enforce KWAP’s rights under applicable laws or to defend KWAP’s rights under law and/or to obtain legal advice;
    • for identification, verification and security purposes;
    • for compliance with KWAP’s internal policies;
    • to facilitate the communication and provision of opportunities, offerings, products and/or services by our business partners;
    • to perform our obligations in respect of any commercial transaction entered into with you or with any of our vendors; and/or
    • for any other purpose that is incidental, ancillary or in furtherance to the above purposes.

The information you provide is necessary to us. Unless otherwise stated, all information requested by KWAP is obligatory. If you do not provide all the information as requested and/or do not allow us to process the information accordingly, or if you prohibit us from obtaining the information required by us from the public domain and third parties mentioned above, we will not be able to keep your complete record of information, thus affecting our ability to accomplish the above stated purposes.

When providing us with the information, you represent that such information is accurate, complete, up to date and true. Where you provide personal data of another person, such as those of your dependants or family members, you acknowledge and warrant that you have obtained their consent for us to process their personal data.

  1. Retention of data

KWAP stores data until it is no longer necessary to fulfil the purposes for which it was collected.  This is a case-by-case determination that depends on things such as the nature of the data, why it was collected and processed and relevant legal or operational retention needs.

In some circumstances, KWAP may anonymise your information or aggregate it with other information so that it can no longer be associated with you, in which case KWAP may use the information without further notice to you.

  1. Sensitive information

By expressly signifying your consent to us, you give us your explicit consent to process your sensitive personal data such as your mental or physical health and condition (including data generated by facial recognition and biometric verification technologies), religious beliefs and/or misconducts (civil or criminal, if any) for the purposes described above or as required by law.

We may also obtain your sensitive personal information from other parties when it is allowed by law.

  1. Disclosure of information

KWAP may disclose your personal data to the following parties (including those within and outside of Malaysia) for purposes stated in this Notice:

    • your agents and advisors (including but not limited to accountants, auditors, lawyers, financial advisers or other professional advisers) and any other person notified by and authorised by you;
    • any person, who is under a duty of confidentiality and/or who has undertaken the responsibility to keep such data confidential;
    • any actual or proposed assignee, participant, sub-participant or transferee of any of our rights or obligations;
    • third parties appointed by KWAP to provide services to KWAP or on our behalf (including KWAP’s agents, professional advisors, and other such service providers);
    • event organisers;
    • potential or actual purchasers, successors in title of business or shares (wholly or in part) of any of KWAP’s subsidiaries, related corporations, jointly controlled entities and affiliates (including their advisers and representatives) as a result of a potential, proposed or actual sale of business, disposal, acquisition, merger or re-organisation;
    • KWAP’s related companies, associated corporations, affiliates and strategic partners; and/or
    • other parties, in respect of whom you have consented to the disclosure of your personal data or where disclosure is otherwise required in order to comply with a legal or regulatory obligation.

Save and except for the above, we will not disclose your personal data to any other third parties without your consent.  However, we may disclose your personal data in good faith, if such action is necessary to comply with government or law enforcement agency (including those overseas) requirements, court orders or legal processes, or if required by law.

  1. Links to third party websites / applications

The MyPesara App may contain external links to third parties’ websites and/or applications. We shall not be responsible for the processing of your personal data by such third parties. If you provide your personal data directly to such websites and/or applications, the personal data protection policies as made available on those websites / applications shall govern the processing of such personal data.

  1. Access, corrections and complaints

If you would like to make any inquiries or complaints or requests to access, correct or limit our processing of your personal data, you may contact our Data Protection Manager as follows:

Tel       :   +603-21748095

Email   :

We will address your concerns as soon as practicable upon receipt of your request. Please note that any request for access or correction of personal data may subject to a fee and will be subject to the prevailing data protection laws in Malaysia.

In the event of any inconsistencies between the English version and the Bahasa Malaysia version of this Notice, the English version shall prevail.

Please note that any variation to this Notice shall be communicated to you through suitable modes of communication.